Inspiration Glass









Glassy eyed visions
Artist hones creative glass creations for the home

By Cynthia Whitfield
Photos by Bryan Wesel

A newcomer to the artist’s marketplace at the home show this year is Georgetta Howard of Inspiration Glass.

Howard specializes in colorful glass bowls and vases. “I never know exactly what a piece will look like until it’s done,” she says. “My bowls have at least two layers, and the vases have one which give them a fluid, rather than stiff, look.”

“I really enjoy the process of fusing glass, seeing it melt together. Then I grind, saw and sand it. I may sand it and put it through a kiln several times until it is just right,” she explains.

The glass is fused by cutting two pieces and putting them in a kiln at 1,500 degrees F. No two pieces end up exactly the same.

A typical bowl costs anywhere from $50 to $120 depending on the cost of the glass and the number of layers. Her vases are $30.

Howard started working with glass back in the 1970s. “At that time I worked on stained glass,” she says. “But an automobile accident made it impossible for me to play with that anymore. I later discovered there were other ways to work with glass, other tools I could use.”

“I’ve been making these pieces for about four years, and officially started Inspiration Glass two years ago,” says Howard, who lives near Lebanon and works for the Sweet Home School District.

“I call my business Inspiration Glass because what I make is kind of an inspiration,” she adds. “Many people have said to me, ‘This piece speaks to my soul.’ I believe that’s because when I’m creating a piece, I feel good – relaxed and excited. I think people pick up on that energy.”

Howard’s pieces are featured locally at the Emerald Art Center in Springfield and during the summer at the Lane County Fair.

Reprinted from the Eugene (Oregon) Register-Guard, Oct. 13, 2005