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The Wonder of Glass

In 1998 I was hit from the rear in an auto accident. With a damaged wrist and shoulder, I thought I would never again be able to create stained glass pieces. With the discovery of wonderful glass tools, saws and kilns, I found another way to explore and create. I find great pleasure in designing and creating glass pieces.Glass has a wonderful way of folding and curving when it is heated to 1250 degrees and slumped on a form. No two pieces will be exactly the same.

Dichroic glass which you will find in my jewelry may take on a totally different look by picking it up and turning it. It has a vivid range of colors and intensities, and has the ability to reflect one color while transmitting others. My jewelry is fused two to three times, sometimes more. Two layers are fused together at approximately 1500 degrees, other layers may be added and fused again. The piece is ground to the desired shape and sanded. It is then fire polished at about 1450 degrees. The entire process may take several days.

I hope you will enjoy your glass piece. Creating glass art has been a very enjoyable, relaxing, pastime for me. The creation of something beautiful, whether it's a friendship, a piece of glass, or a child's smile, can be a spiritual experience. It speaks to your soul. Glass is just one of my joys. My family, grandchildren and the many students I work with in the Sweet Home School District fulfill my life in a very special way.

Georgetta Howard

Georgetta Howard is a member of the Emerald Art Center
and the Eugene Glass School